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Inaugural Address

February 6th, 2012 by
Posted under Worship

On Feb 5,2012:

Honourable Guest  Mr. Kevin Lamoureux
The Pastors of Winnipeg
The Winnipeg Unida  Board of Trustees
The Council members
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is a great pleasure to be at this memorable occasion marking the beginning of a long dreams for an Unida church to be able to set foot on foreign land.  I also want to say that I am very much delighted to inaugurate this church as the representative of our mother denomination from the Philippines.

Let me quickly congratulate all of you for your excellent job in establishing this congregation truly it’s not that easy to start something good like this.  My prayer for you is that your present achievements will not be your limit in Jesus name.  I want you to note that as long as we adhere to the teachings of the Lord Jesus WUCC shall continue to exist today , and it shall continue to remain historic, to this end, I hereby commend the efforts of those who spearheaded the planning and the formation of Winnipeg Unida Christian Church. I would like to thank the 13 families who by faith in believed that what is seemingly impossible with men is possible with God.

Beloved, you need to be informed that this church which I would like to refer to as a “rising giant” ,  stands to be a giant indeed if all of you will see yourselves as a team and operate in the spirit of togetherness for “ in unity we stand, divided we fall”. We need to co-operate and be committed to the Lords affairs in order to find fulfillment in the existence of this church. You have been an inspiration for more local churches to be more aggressive and because of that two more mission points had been established, namely the Grande Prairie Unida Christian church and the Quatar Unida Christian Church.

Furthermore, we need to discover genuinely the purpose of God in forming this church, otherwise, the existence becomes meaningless and note that we must target certain aims and objectives in other words we must have vision, for the poorest man, on earth is a man without vision. At this juncture, I would like to suggest that your vision should be:

A serving and caring church faithfully proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and commissioning every believer to make disciples of all nations.

In view of this inaugural address, I hereby declare Winnipeg Unida Christian Church inaugurated in the name of the father, in the name of the son and in the name of the holy spirit (Amen).